Posted on Jan 17, 2020

Blue Mountains Air

When to Service Your Air Conditioning

In the blazing heat of the Australian summer, air conditioning can feel like the only thing that is keeping you alive. When your home cooling system is so vital to your existence, and being able to get a decent night’s sleep, you want to make sure that you’re taking good care of it.

Like any machine, your air conditioning needs to be maintained regularly. This will keep it working in top condition. A regularly serviced air conditioning unit will be more energy efficient and ensure that the air that is being brought into your home is clean and healthy too.

Of course, you should get an annual check up for your air conditioning, especially if you go for a few months without needing to run it in your home. When it sits rarely used dirt can gather and this can make it not work as well. Also, if you notice the strength of the unit isn’t what it once was, if it starts to make noises, wheezing, or rattling, it’s definitely time to bring in some experts to check what the issue is.

The sooner you get an issue seen to, the smaller the problem will end up being. Leaving your air conditioning rattling and gasping along could end up being very costly in the long-run.
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