Posted on Feb 6, 2020

Blue Mountains Air

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Sometimes, conventional air conditioning systems can not really fit in with the clean and modern design that you want for your home. Although modern technology has improved the energy efficiency of air conditioning, again the conventional units still aren’t amazing for the environment.

If either of these are concerns for you, you might want to consider having ducted air conditioning fitted into your space. Rather that having a big unit fitted to the inside of your room on the wall, and then a condenser sitting close by on the outside, ducted air conditioning sits nearly flush on your ceiling or has an outlet on your floor.

There is generally only one condenser/compressor unit for the system, which can keep the outside of your property looking neater. Inside the home, you can zone your air conditioning so that only certain vents push through the heated or cooled air, meaning the system can be very efficient.

This type of system is the most effective at cooling spaces in temperature extremes. If your home gets a lot of direct sunlight or retains a lot of heat then this will be a good solution to ensure you get the cooling effect that you’re hoping for.
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