Posted on Feb 2, 2020

Blue Mountains Air

Designing Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

Your workers and customers will be eternally grateful when you have air conditioning fitted in your commercial property. Whether you have a factory, a warehouse, a workshop, a retail unit, or an office space, you and the people who use your space will be very happy to have cooled air coming in during the summer months.

There are different things that need to be considered when designing an air conditioning solution for commercial premises. We will send our expert engineers to assess your space and make sure what gets designed for your space is going to be the optimum system for your space.

We will analyse the size of your space, because different types of air conditioning efficient over different room volumes. We’ll also look at how the space is being used, for example whether you will need to cool your space all day or just during your operational hours.

Where your space is will also help us recommend a design for your air conditioning, such as the aspect and how much sunlight hits your building, and what the access is like and how it could affect the placement of external fittings.
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